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Little Latin Lupe Lu

The very first pressings of "Little Latin Lupe Lu" had an alternate mix to the well known version, the standard well known version has verse, chorus, verse and chorus but the very first pressings had two verses, a chorus followed by a guitar burst and then the chorus.

Koko Joe

Original version is on the 1963 album "Right Now" (US Moonglow).
An alternate version was released as a Moonglow 224 single in November 1963, this has an overdubbed audience and a much fuller backing track including girl backing singers.
The later version was issued on some overseas releases of "Right Now" including Australia and the UK in 1965.

The original version was used on the "Anthology", "The Moonglow Years", and "Gold" CD compilations plus as a bonus track on the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" CD.

It wasn't until 2006 that the alternate version with the sound effects appeared on a CD, "20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection" and then on the "Ultimate Collection" and the Readers Digest "Essential Collection".

I Need A Girl

Original version was a Bobby Hatfield solo single on Moonglow 220, later issues on Moonglow 245 and "This Is New" album have strings and backing singers overdubbed.

Georgia On My Mind

Original version with minimal backing from the 1963 Moonglow album "Right Now" is included on the 1989 Rhino "Anthology" set.
All other issues of the song have a completely different backing track with orchestra and singers which were added in January 1966 for the Moonglow 244 single, there are two different mixes of this with the stereo channels swapped over on various CD compilations.

There is an alternate mix of the overdubbed version on the Japanese vinyl compilation "Golden Album" where the strings are in the left channel, the main backing track dominates in the centre and Bill Medley's vocals are in the right channel.

Something's Got A Hold On Me

Stereo mix on the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" album contains spoken ad libbing during the intro not included on the mono mix.

Fannie Mae

Mono mix on the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" album has guitar blast at the beginning of the track not included on the stereo mix, the "Moonglow Years" and the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" CD has another mix with an extended guitar blast.

This Little Girl Of Mine

Mono mix on the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" album is slightly faster and has ad libbing not included on the stereo mix.

You Can Have Her/Try To Find Another Man

Both tracks have the identical backing tracks including backing vocals, "You Can Have Her" was the original being recorded with Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records as producer.

The mono mix of "You Can Have Her" is a slowed down longer version than the stereo mix that is featured on various compilation CDs.

Night Owl

The backing track was originally used on the Bill Medley produced version by the Clouds on Medley Records released in May 1964.

My Tears Will Go Away

The backing track was originally used on the Bill Medley produced version by the Clouds on Medley Records released in May 1964.

Bring Your Love To Me

The original stereo mix used on the "Some Blue Eyed Soul" album has been released on CD on the "Righteous Brothers Gold" and the "Ultimate Collection" compilations.

The Moonglow 245 single had extensive overdubs added in June 1966.

This extensive mix with the overdubs but with the removal of some backing vocals on the intro, is included on "The Moonglow Years" compilation and the recent CD issue of "Some Blue Eyed Soul".

The Angels Listened In

Mono and stereo mixes on the "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" album contain alternate versions.


Mono and stereo mixes on the "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" album contain alternate versions.

Hung On You

"Retrospective 1963-1974" album mono release has a different ending and is longer, at the 2:59 point goes into the chorus as opposed to the call and response, which then follows 9 seconds later.

For Sentimental Reasons

"Retrospective 1963-1974" album mono release has a longer fade out.

The White Cliffs Of Dover

"Retrospective 1963-1974" album mono release has a longer fade out.

(You're My) Soul And Inspiration

An alternate version was issued on the following singles, Japanese Verve release, the mono Verve Sounds Of Fame reissue and the West German reissue on Verve. For further information click here

(You're My) Soul And Inspiration

Rhino Records "Anthology" album release contains a longer fade out of the track.

(You're My) Soul And Inspiration

A previously unreleased mix which has a 10 second intro (same as used at the break before spoken verse), first appeared on the Eric Records issue of "Dick Bartley Presents Classic Oldies 1965-1969" album released in 2004.
This version then appeared on the "Righteous Brothers Gold" compilation in 2006.

Mine All Mine

The mono mix on the "Soul And Inspiration" album is 11 seconds longer than the stereo mix. The UK counterpart mono issue is shorter by 14 seconds.

Go Ahead And Cry

Bill Medley song that was originally recorded by the Wellingtons, produced by Bill Medley for Ascot Records and released in July 1966, the Righteous Brothers recorded their version a month later. The Wellingtons had performed the song on Shindig, in December 1965

My Girl

Stereo mix on "Sayin Somethin" album contains a slightly longer fade out on the Bobby Hatfield solo complete with a falsetto "please" not heard on the mono mix.

A Man Without A Dream

Rhino "Anthology" album release contains an extended version of the track. Although the time listing on both the original single and the "Sayin' Somethin'" album is given as 3:30, this is incorrect, in fact 3:30 is the time of the longer "Anthology" album track.

Melancholy Music Man

Rhino "Anthology" album mix has this previously mono single only track, in stereo.

I Don't Believe In Losing

A version of this song from the Righteous Brothers 1967 album "Souled Out", was recorded a few months later on Venture Records 608 by the Major IV, using the same backing track. Ventura Records was a MGM subsidiary run by the producer of the Righteous Brothers "Souled Out" album, ex Motowner William "Mickey" Stevenson.

Dream On

"Give It To The People" album version includes a false ending with a drum burst and further chorus not heard on the single version.

Never Say I Love You

The promotional issue of the single has a reduced intro of 9 seconds, the standard version of the song has an intro of 32 seconds.

Hold on (To What You Got)

There are 3 different mixes of this final Haven non-album track.

The regular issue on Haven HS 800 issued in March 1976.

The Disco Version released on the Haven HS 800-D single is 50 seconds longer with an extra chorus with only the girl backing singers featured inserted at the 2:40 mark. Issued in both stereo and mono although the label on the mono issue erroneously states that it is stereo.

The CD release mix has the Righteous Brothers ad libbing in the breaks.

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