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Soul & Inspiration album released on CD

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Oldays ODR6449 (R-1771229) (08/2017)

Possibly the best ever Righteous Brothers album "Soul & Inspiration", has finally been released on a great sounding CD in Japan by Oldays Records.

In the early 1990’s there was a spate of releases made in Europe of the "Soul & Inspiration" album where it was transferred from vinyl and had really poor sound quality. This is certainly not the case with this issue where the very latest music recording technology has been used to create this album.

There were three tracks from the original "Soul & Inspiration" album that have never been issued on a legitimate CD previously and the sound quality of those missing tracks "Turn On Your Love Light", "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "Bring It On Home To Me" on this CD is quite outstanding. The arrangements by Bill Baker have that great brassy sound which were so much a part of the Righteous Brothers sound and are further enhanced by the modern technology transfer to CD which has given the tracks great clarity.
There are also two other tracks which sound superior to a previous transfer to CD, "I’m Leaving It All Up To You" and "Rat Race" in stereo for the first time on CD by the Righteous Brothers Band, the Northern Soul classic track.
There are two bonus track that have also never been previously been issued on CD legally or otherwise, "B Side Blues" which was a single only track and throwaway flip side of "(You’re My) Soul & Inspiration" and probably only recorded in mono. The other, "Thing’s Didn’t Go Your Way" written by Bobby Hatfield, was on the album "Go Ahead & Cry" and the B side of the single of the same name, although disappointingly is in mono on this CD.

The rest of the album tracks sound like familiar mixes on other CD compilations with the exception of "In The Midnight Hour", which has static interference and without doubt the only low quality track on the CD.

In Japan where the musical copyright is 50 years, Oldays Records which is owned by the Clinck Company of Japan have an enormous catalog of records pre-dating this period by a host of well known artists. They are legitimate releases that are registered with JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers), the R-1771229 number is the JASRAC license reference number.

The elusive Go Ahead And Cry picture sleeve

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Verve VK-10430 (08/1966)

It is rather ironic that one of the most used photos of the Righteous Brothers, taken from the front cover of the "Go Ahead And Cry" album, should also be the cover photo of their most elusive picture sleeve.
The "Go Ahead And Cry" single itself is by no means rare, it was after all, a top 30 hit after its release in August 1966.

The previous two Righteous Brothers Verve singles, "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration" and "He", had both been issued with picture sleeves but only a very few of the "Go Ahead And Cry" seem to exist.

Original mix of Little Latin Lupe Lu

Local pressing with original mix

Local pressing with new mix

Telegram from VeeJay Records

National promotional pressing

National regular pressing

Moonglow 215

"Little Latin Lupe Lu"/"I'm So Lonely"

The initial local release of "Little Latin Lupe Lu" by the Righteous Brothers on Moonglow Records in November 1962 had an alternate mix to the well known hit version, which had a full national release in May 1963.

There are two very easy methods to identify the original mix, the first is by the design of the record label itself which comprised of the company logo in a semi-circle with stars and moon surrounding it. Moonglow had used this design since the company was formed in Belgium in the mid 1950's. This design was changed by the time the revised mix of "Little Latin Lupe Lu" was issued locally and then nationally.

The second method is by the matrix number in the deadwax, the matrix number of the original mix "Little Latin Lupe Lu" is "45M-215-1" but on all other pressings, the matrix number in the deadwax is "45M-215-1RE2". However, it must be the number etched in the deadwax as one pressing does have the original number printed on the label.

The local pressings of both mixes, credit the songwriting publisher on both sides of the single to Ray Maxwell Music whereas the national pressings following the deal with VeeJay Records also incorporates Conrad Music to the publisher credit.

On the left are variations of the "Little Latin Lupe Lu" release on the Moonglow label, at the top is the initial release with the original mix, followed by a further local release with a revised mix.
Next, the telegram from VeeJay Records with details of their distribution agreement with Moonglow, followed by the national promotional copy and regular national release.

Alternate version of Soul And Inspiration





Verve 142 (Sounds Of Fame) MONO ISSUES 1968

Verve 889274-7 West Germany MONO ISSUES

Verve DV-5001 Japan 1966

The three singles listed above have a completely different version to the standard "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration".

The Verve "Sounds Of Fame" 142 single, issued in both stereo and mono formats, doesn't indicate on the record label if the track is mono (with the alternate version) or stereo (with the standard version).
There is a definite way of establishing whether it is the alternate version without having to play the record. Etched in the deadwax (the run out before the label) is the master number, if this is "65 VK 634-M" it is the alternate version - IT MUST INCLUDE THE "M" the standard version doesn't include the "M"

The West German reissue does fortunately indicate that the track is in mono, it is unsure if a stereo standard version was issued.

The Japanese issue was a mono only release.

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