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Seven previously unissued tracks released by Ace Records

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The Other Brother - A Solo Anthology 1965-1970

Ace Records CDTOP 1502 (04/2017)

Any album that contains seven previously unissued tracks plus two B side only tracks requires very little introduction as a collectors item.
It is every record collectors dream to have a release containing previously unissued material, Ace Records have answered these prayers with the release of the Bobby Hatfield compilation "The Other Brother", containing an amazing seven previously unissued tracks after they painstakingly trawled through the MGM/Verve vaults.

One of the unissued tracks is "Woman You Got No Soul" which was recorded at the "Messin In Muscle Shoals" album sessions in August 1970 at the Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It was scheduled to be the B side of MGM K-14171 single "The Promised Land" but that never happened, as far as it is known, no singles, not even promotional or even test pressings, were ever made.  To make the "Messin In Muscle Shoals" set complete they have included the whole album.

As an extra bonus there are two tracks, "Soul Cafe" and "What's The Matter Baby" that had only ever been previously issued on the B sides of singles.

The previously unissued tracks are;

Crying In The Chapel
In My Mind
What You Want
So Much Love
See That Girl
Woman You Got No Soul

Never has Bobby Hatfield sounded any better than on "Crying In The Chapel" and he gives a great rendition of the Goffin/King classic "So Much Love", a really well produced track. He gives "See That Girl" a softer approach than Bill Medley's agonising river of pain definitive version from the Righteous Brothers 1965 "Just Once In My Life" album. He also has a different take on the Ronettes "Paradise" song without a massive wall of sound.

Who knows what might have happened if "Messin In Muscle Shoals" had not gone completely under the radar when released by MGM in 1971, Bobby Hatfield's career might have gone in a completely different direction. "Woman You Got No Soul" is a great example of how suited Bobby Hatfield was with the Muscle Shoals sound.

No Bobby Hatfield compilation would be complete without his signature track, "Unchained Melody" which is also included as are two other of his solo Righteous Brothers classics, "Ebb Tide" and "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons"

Filthy McNasty single featuring Bobby Hatfield


filthy mcnasty



Filthy McNasty/Hurry On Home Girl

By Filthy McNasty, Filthy McNasty Records 1001/2 1973

A truly amazing recent discovery, with the only clue to a Bobby Hatfield connection without listening to the track, is his name on the songwriter credits of the B side, "Hurry On Home Girl".

Both tracks are in fact duets by Bobby Hatfield and Filthy McNasty, there is no release date on the record itself but the delta matrix number etched in the deadwax would suggest it was released around May 1973.

Filthy McNasty is the legendary owner of the 1970's Filthy McNasty nightclub at 8852 Sunset Strip, in Hollywood, California.

Exactly how many copies were pressed is unknown but there are promotional and stock copies in existence.

Elusive US regular copy of Stay With Me single




Stay With Me/Rock And Roll Woman

Warner Brothers 7649 1972

Although very easy to obtain as a promotion copy, the regular or stock copy as often referred to, 1972 American issue of Bobby Hatfield's "Stay With Me" on Warner Brothers 7649 has proved to be really elusive for most collectors.

It seems most unlikely that the record had a full release, which is more than a little surprising as the Richard Perry produced track, is often acknowledged as his finest solo recording.

The track did have a full release in West Germany where it was known as "Stay With Me (Baby)" and issued in a title sleeve.

Images on the left are of the US release, West German release and picture sleeve.

Stereo release of Bobby Hatfield Verve tracks


Although at first glance, the Righteous Brothers "Gold" double album’s track listing, might appear to be simply a revamp of Rhinos definitive "Anthology" set, there are several major additions that makes this a ‘must have’ to any Righteous Brothers collection.

The major factor being the inclusion of the four stereo mixes of Bobby Hatfield's solo Verve tracks, "Brothers" "Only You" "My Prayer" and "Answer Me" (with longer fade out) none of which, have ever been issued on any compilation previously. They were originally mono only single tracks but scheduled to be included on an unissued 1969 Bobby Hatfield Verve album.

The first Bobby Hatfield solo single issued by Moonglow Records, "Hot Tamales" - that was included as a Righteous Brothers track on their "Back To Back" Philles album, is also in stereo for the first time and has a longer fade out.

After the break up of the Righteous Brothers partnership, Bobby Hatfield initially producing his first two releases himself, “Hang Ups” and “Brothers” (written by Hatfield) – the latter being autobiographical, charting the career of the Righteous Brothers.

With no chart success from either release, Verve Records probably decided that commercial success would be most likely, by having Bobby Hatfield performing ‘standards’ – as he did when with the Righteous Brothers with massive hits “Unchained Melody” and “Ebb Tide”, both solos by him of course.

Verve teamed him with producer Dick Glasser and arranger Ernie Freeman, recording what was scheduled to be the nucleus of an album, which unfortunately never did see the light of day.

Interesting to note, that the track "Woman Man Needs Ya" by the Bobby Hatfield and Jimmy Walker Righteous Brothers partnership is acknowledged on the track listing. Not the first time that a track by this partnership has been included on a compilation - but certainly a first that it has been acknowledged.

Bobby Hatfield's first solo release




Hot Tamales/I Need A Girl

Moonglow 220

It is widely assumed that the 1968 Bobby Hatfield release of "Hang Ups" was his first solo effort, he did in fact have his first solo release in 1963 on Moonglow Records with "Hot Tamales"/"I Need A Girl".

After the Righteous Brothers scored with "Little Latin Lupe Lu" on Moonglow 215, both Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield had solo releases on the Moonglow label, prior to the follow up, "My Babe".

Although the main track, "Hot Tamales" written by Bobby Hatfield himself, is probably best described as a novelty record - the single is very desirable not only by Righteous Brothers collectors but also collectors of doo-wop who seek the B-side track, "I Need A Girl".

"I Need A Girl" written by Bill Medley, is billed as being by Bobby Hatfield, it is fair to say that it could fall into the category of a doo-wop group and is listed in several publications as such.

The version of "I Need A Girl" on the Moonglow 220 Bobby Hatfield single is the original recording, all other releases of the track, which subsequently were billed as being by the Righteous Bothers, including on Moonglow 245 as B side to "Bring Your Love To Me", are remixed to include a string section.

White label promotion copies of the Moonglow 220 single are the most common and can be sought without any difficulty, the regular blue label singles are extremely rare but the blue label, red vinyl promotion copy is virtually impossible to locate.

The single was also issued in Belgium on Moonglow 5412.

"Hot Tamales" was issued in stereo for the very first time ever on the Righteous Brothers "Gold" album in 2006.

The Ringo Starr connection

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Oo Wee Baby I Love/Rock N Woman

Warner Brothers 7566 (US) 1972
Warner Brothers 16162 (UK, France, West Germany) 1972

In December 1971, following his new recording contract with Warner Brothers, Bobby Hatfield recorded his first session in England working with producer Richard Perry.

Most likely at the Abbey Road Studios in London, Bobby Hatfield recorded a version of the Fred Hughes soul classic "Oo Wee Baby I Love You", the session featured a very famous drummer in Ringo Starr.

The subsequent single was issued in the US (Warner Bros 7566) and the UK (Warner Brothers 16163), in France it was issued with same catalogue number as the UK but with a title sleeve complete with a list of musicians on the rear cover.

Ringo Starr (drums)
Al Kooper (guitar-piano)
Klaus Voorman (bass)
Jim Price (trumpet)
Chris Stainton (organ)
Bobby Keys (sax)

It is not really clear if Ringo Starr participated on the flip side "Rock N Roll Woman" though it has been suggested on various Beatles website's that he was involved on the tracks albeit in a very minor role, hand claps.

Both tracks have been included on a Ringo Starr bootleg CD "I Gotta Blues" issued in 2002 but the Bobby Hatfield tracks are only taken from a scratched vinyl single, not the master tapes.

Tracks on Japanese soundtrack CD

Too Young - Original Soundtrack of Days

1998 Pony Canyon PCCR-00273 (Japan)

1998 Japanese compilation CD that features two tracks by "Bobby Hatfield Of The Righteous Brothers", both are versions of 1960's classics, the Cascades "Rhythm Of The Rain" and the Isley Brothers "Shout".

Produced and arranged by Joey Carbone.

Radio interview double album

Sounds Like The Navy - US Navy College Campus Recruitment Program

NROTC SLN74 (13-16)

An extremely rare double album of a four part radio series that was used by the US Navy in their recruitment program, it includes Sam Riddle interviewing Bobby Hatfield with specially recorded tracks for the project.

Recorded at the Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, with Joey Carbone on keyboards, Richie Zito on guitar, Claude Pepper on drums and Howard Tsukamoto on bass.

Comprising Bobby Hatfield's versions of Delaney & Bonnie's "Only You Know As I Know", Bread's "If", a Beatles medley, the Johnny Nash song "I Can See Clearly Now", the classic "Rainy Night In Georgia" and familiar Righteous Brothers songs including a five minute version of "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin" plus his tribute to Bill Medley in the form of "Brown Eyed Woman".

The song "Let The Good Times Roll" is the one written by Theard/Moore (Bill Medley also recorded this song on MGM Records) and not the song as recorded by the Righteous Brothers on Moonglow.

The "Oldies medley" was later used on the Koala "Unchained Melody" bootleg album.

Interviews with Bobby Hatfield plus -

Only You Know As I Know
You've Lost That Lovin Feelin
Oldies medley (Great Balls Of Fire/Blue Suede Shoes)
Let The Good Times Roll
Beatles medley (The Long And Winding Road/Something)
I Can See Clearly Now
Unchained Melody
Brown Eyed Woman
Drown In My Own Tears
Stagger Lee
Rainy Night In Georgia

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