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The Paramours US singles

(In above photo l-r; Mike Rider, Sal Fasulo, Bill Medley, Don Fiduccia)

Smash S-1701 (03/1961)

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Prison Break
That's The Way We Love
Smash S-1718 (10/1961)

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Miss Social Climber
Cutie Cutie

The Paramours US single

(In above photo l-r; Bobby Hatfield, Don Fiduccia, Johnnie Wimber, Angelo Biondi, Bill Medley)

Moonglow 214 (08/1962)

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There She Goes (She's Walking Away)
That's All I Want Tonight

The Paramours Australian single

Mercury 45404 (1961)


Prison Break
That's The Way We Love

US Penny Richards single featuring The Paramours as uncredited backing singers

Moonglow 201 (07/1961)

The Only Way
I'll Be Yours

Some issues of the single credit Mike Patterson as Director Of Orchestra And Chorus.

Righteous Brothers US albums featuring the Paramours

Moonglow MLP-1003 (1965)

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This Is New

There She Goes
Rhino RS-71488 (1989)

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There She Goes

Various Artists US albums featuring the Paramours

Ace Records CDCHD-1219 (2009) (UK Import)

ace cd # ace cd
You Heard Them Here First (Rock Icons, Before They Were Famous)

Prison Break (original production master with sound effects)
One Day Music DAY2CD-280 (03/2015)

dont do it cd dont do it cd
Don't Do It - The Smash Records Story 1961-62

That's The Way We Love

The Paramours Mercury sessions (02/1961)

21595 (PB4056)
Cutie Cutie
Smash 1718
21596 (PB4057)
That's The Way We Love
Smash 1701
21597 (PB4058)
Miss Social Climber
Smash 1718
21598 (PB4059)
Prison Break
Smash 1701
21598 (PB4060)
Long Tall Sally
In the immediate following sequence of five Mercury master numbers by the Diamonds, - Bill Medley wrote two of the songs.
21601 (PB4844)
Chimes In My Heart
Unissued until 1996
21604 (PB4847)
Mercury 71818

It wasn't until 1996 that "Chimes In My Heart" was eventually released on the Polygram 32734 CD "Best Of The Diamonds - The Mercury Years".
The Paramours and the Diamonds both had Nat Goodman working as their manager and he is credited as the producer of the three Bill Medley tracks on the Sonny & Cher & Friends album "Baby Don't Go" on Reprise RS 6177 in 1965. Two of the tracks were issued on the Bill Medley Reprise 0413 single "Leavin' Town" / "I Surrender (To Your Touch)" released in November 1965, the other track being "Wo Yeah".

Former members of The Paramours solo singles

Don Fiduccia as Don Jeffrey

1963 Moonglow 218 (US)
The Way You Look Tonight / Hey, Angelina
Don Fiduccia as Don Napoli

1963 Moonglow 227 (US)
Time After Time (Fiduccia) / Hey, Angelina
Mike Rider


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(New image added)
1963 Moonglow 5203 (Belgium)
1963 Heliodor 453134 (Germany)
1963 Sonet 7547 (Sweden)
Blame It On The Bossa Nova / (B side Misirlou by Ray Maxwell And His Orchestra)
Angelo Biondi
1962 Moonglow 5185 (Belgium)
1962 Telefunken U-55522 (Germany)
Linda Mari / La Spagnola
Angelo Biondi

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1962 Gend 30 (US)
1962 Moonglow 5189 (Belgium)
1962 Artone MG-24.137 (Holland)
1962 Derby DB-5016 (Italy)
1962 Sonet T-7551 (Denmark)
1962 Disques Pop PO-45-S-292 (France)
1962 Vogue Schallplatten DV-14034 (Germany)
Buona Notte Bambina / Bolero Blue
Angelo Biondi
1962 Moonglow 5195 (Belgium)
Tintarella / Liz
Angelo Biondi
1963 Moonglow 5202 (Belgium)
1963 Artone MG-24.144 (Holland)
Grazie / Bambolina
Angelo Biondi
1963 Moonglow 5211 (Belgium)
1963 Artone MG-24.147 (Holland)
1963 Parlophone GMSP-69 (Greece)
Son Solo / Il Tango Delle Capinere

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