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US singles featuring Chris Morgan

CHALLENGE 59309 (1965)

The Togas

Baby I'm In The Mood For Love (Dylan)
Hurry To Me (Morgan-Risi)

Produced by Nick Risi & Jim Thomas
CHALLENGE 59330 (1966)

Chris Morgan & The Togas

There She Goes (Miller-Haddock-Stevenson)
Would You Believe (Morgan)

A Risi-Thomas Production

BELL 798 (1969)

Chris Morgan

Now I Taste The Tears (Clifford)
Who Am I (Medley)

Arranged by Bill Baker
Produced by Bill Medley
BELL 851 (1969)

Chris Morgan

Troublemaker (Belland-Summerville)
Street Of Dirt (Medley-Jacobs)

Produced by Bill Medley
MGM K14280 (1971)
6680 Lexington

Gonna Love You Right (Munson)
Can't You See (Patterson)

Produced by Mike Patterson & Art Munson

US albums featuring Chris Morgan

MGM SE 4783 (1971)

6680 Lexington by 6680 Lexington

Can’t You See (Patterson)*
Sara Lee (Garland Beckham)
Be My Woman (Patterson-Munson)*
Fire And Rain (Taylor)*
Drink My Water (Munson)
Gonna Love You Right (Munson)*
Feeling Alright (Mason)*
Slippin And Sliding (Penniman-Bocade-Collins-Smith)
Damn Good Friend Of Mine (Medley)

* vocals by Chris Morgan

Produced by Mike Patterson & Art Munson
BELL 1203 (1970)

RPM (Original Soundtrack)

All Night Long (DeVorzon/Botkin Jr.)
When I Get Home To You (DeVorzon/Botkin Jr.)
I Wanna Spend Some Time With You (DeVorzon/Botkin Jr.)

Arranged by Perry Botkin Jr
Produced by Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.
Recorded at Western Recorders, Los Angeles

Unissued tracks by Chris Morgan (most likely produced by Bill Medley)

Ain't No Brag Just Fact
The backing track is the same as on the version of the song by Bill Medley on his unissued 1971 MGM 4764 album.
Bicycle Made For Two
Distant Star
Everybody's Got A Home
Gotta Get You Into My Life
Ma She's Makin Eyes At Me
Special Kind Of Love
Take Me Home Big Father
The Leavin' Kind (Version 1)
The Leavin' Kind (Version 2)
To Be Loved

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