Righteous Brothers tracks not issued on CD
Tracks that have not been issued on a legitimate CD

Last updated 10 July 2016 - Updated items in red

Despite a mass of Righteous Brothers CD compilations out there, there are still tracks that have never been legitimately released on CD.
One of the most common questions to this website and it still remains a great mystery, is why has there never been a Box Set of the Righteous Brothers Verve catalog.
The Righteous Brothers material on their other labels, Moonglow, Philles and Haven, have all been issued in sets.

Soul And Inspiration album tracks

Turn On Your Love Light
A Change Is Gonna Come
Bring It On Home To Me
Go Ahead And Cry album tracks

I've Got The Beat
Big Time Ben
Thing's Didn't Go Your Way
Sayin' Somethin' album tracks

Don't Fight It
Yes Indeed
Jimmy's Blues
Single only releases

B Side Blues (B side of Soul And Inspiration)
Don't Give Up On Me (B side of Melancholy Music Man)

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